From Atlanta to Phoenix

Here are some photos which I took during my research stay in the United States in November/December 1999. My visit started in Atlanta, where I stayed at the department of Prof. R. Fujimoto. The following is a picture showing the College of Computing, the department where I stayed.
College of Computing
Graduate Living Center
During my visit I stayed in the Graduate Living Center, a nice apartment building north of the Georgia Tech Campus.
Over Thanksgiving, my friends Marco and Lars came by for a short visit. Together we toured through Atlanta and did some driving through the countryside. One highlight was the tour through the CNN Center in Atlanta.
Frontier Airlines' Main Hub in Denver
After I finished my visit at the Georgia Tech, I continued on to San Francisco. I traveled with Frontier Airlines, a new discount carrier offering very cheap tickets. Fortunately their service and security was better than expected. Frontier's airplanes are all painted with a nice picture showing different animals...
Golden Gate Bridge
In San Francisco I met with Thomas Schulze, who came directly from Germany (without his luggage, but that's a different story). From San Francisco we traveled to Chico, to visit Prof. Crosbie at Chico University. On the way we had to stop at the Golden Gate bridge to take the following picture...
SLX User Group Meeting at WSC'99
From Chico we went on to Phoenix, with stops in Las Vegas and at the Grand Canyon. In Phoenix, we attended the famous Winter Simulation Conference. Here is a picture from the SLX-User-Group meeting. As you can see, simulation can be a very social thing to do.

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