The SLX-HLA-Interface

The SLX-HLA-Interface is an add-on package for SLX, a fast discrete event simulation system which is developed by Wolverine Software. The SLX-HLA-Interface provides access to the functions of the HLA-interface specification from inside SLX. The interface takes care of synchronization issues, data exchange, and many other things which are necessary to act as a federate under HLA.

The core of the package consists of a Windows library (a DLL-file) and an SLX-specific header file for accessing the DLL. The DLL itself can be seen as a interpreter between SLX and the HLA software (Runtime Infrastructure = RTI). The DLL converts between SLX- and RTI-datatypes, keeps track of the mapping between SLX- and HLA-objects, and simplifies the entire process of programming with the RTI.

The SLX user is provided with an easy-to-use interface to the RTI and the possibility of developing distributed simulations without having to deal with the API-level of HLA.

The SLX-HLA-Interface was initially developed for the different RTI versions developed under DMSO sponsorship. It is still supported for all Windows operating systems which these RTI versions runs on. Intensively tested versions include Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP. If you are interested in testing and obtaining the SLX-HLA-Interface feel free to contact me at You can also take a look at the technical interface documentation, which can be downloaded as a PDF document.

The SLX-HLA-Interface is constantly developed, maintained and adopted to work with the latest RTI releases based on requirements of distributed simulation projects and customers. It successfully works with CERTI RTI 3.4.0 and Pitch pRTI 4.3.0 ("HLA Evolved"). Here is a list of the latest additions to the SLX-HLA-Interface:

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Last modified: 25 November 2011